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Commercial Property Applications

​Insurance Companies

Insurance Companies utilise roofing inspections in the following 2 ways. 

1) Policy Pricing

For example, with a large construction projects the drone data enables underwriters to more accurately assess their risk and therefore more accurately price the policy cover. 

In addition, for home owners their policies often state a requirement for their roofs to be inspected every 2 year otherwise any claims for damage maybe contested. 


2) Loss Adjusters & Loss Assessors

When a roof has been damaged by storms, fire or any other reason, our drones provide visual evidence as to the extent and possible cause of the damage helping assessors with the claims process

Local Authority Asset Management

Councils wishing to fully appraise the condition of their social housing stock for maintenance planning and compensation claims verification. Local Authorities have seen significant cost savings through the utilisation of drone inspection.



We provide roofing inspections for solicitors and their clients whenever there is a requirement for visual evidence during a legal dispute. Our inspections will provide unbiased and impartial observations of the health and integrity of any roof coverings which may be in dispute. ​

​Estate Agents

As an aid to property vendors a roofing inspection provides visual evidence and time stamped record of the current condition of their property thus helping estate agents market their home more effectively.  


Letting Agents

We provide roofing inspections for Letting Agents to provide a date stamped visual record of the condition of the condition of their client's roof coverings at the commencement of a lease agreement. This information is particularly useful for both Landlords and Tenants with a full repairing lease agreement or for comparing to the condition of the roof coverings at the end of the lease term.     


Landlords & Property Investors 

Prudent and proactive property owners request periodic roofing inspections to ensure their property is well maintained thus protecting their home investment and minimising the risks of disruption and high costs incurred when a roofing system fails. 

Chartered Building Surveyors

We work with Chartered Building Surveyors, complimenting their in-house client offerings and delivering a gold standard service.



Frequent drone flights provides architects with images and modelling of a project as it develops through the construction phases. This is an effective aid tool to help their clients visualise the various stages of development.